We often get asked, “What does ‘Biziga’ mean?”

You might be wondering the same right now. So lets address the elephant in the room first.

Biziga    =    Biz (Short for Business)  +    iga (Swahili word for 'simulate')

So there you go. We@Biziga design Business Simulations.

Did you ask why?

Ah..where to begin! Learning as we know is broken. And outdated. Attention spans are getting shorter. Textbooks are competing with google search, lecturers are competing with youtube videos. Workforce is getting scattered across the globe. Conventional training is dying. Really.

Simulations replicate real business scenarios in a virtual world. Participants get to experience what is like to be in-charge. They get to apply their knowledge to get creative solutions to challenging problems. At no risk. If that doesn't sound awesome enough, consider the extra motivation of competing with their colleagues. Since, its online, that colleague could also compete from Tokyo. Or Honolulu. Easily the best learning experience, ever!

What have we done?



people benefitted from using Biziga's simulations


institutes like IIMs, XLRI, JBIMS, SP Jain, NITIE, Amity, Welingkar


companies like JPMC, Airtel, Deutsche Bank, Essar, Mahindra, HDFC, Petronas, Reliance Industries

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to find out how we can make learning better in your organization.



To make learning more fun and effective for 1 million people.


To improve the process of learning by creating tools that are innovative, technology-based, engaging and effective. In short, awesome!


tesimonials "This workshop was conducted at SOIL campus. Feedback from the participants was highly encouraging."

Dr. Anil Sachdeva,Founder & CEO,School Of Inspired Learning

tesimonials "An excellent learning experience. This program is a must for everyone right from senior leadership to entry level management roles."

Mr. Vinayak Patankar,Vice President,Borosil Glassworks


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