Business Leadership Workshop is a Software based executive training approach using BizLabs Simulation. Participants have to prove their mettle in a dynamic and complex scenario. It tests their ability to handle pressure situations, manage internal business conflicts and ensure company sustainability.

Covering the entire spectrum of organizational issues from finance to operations to marketing to HR, the program aims to develop a holistic viewpoint among the participants.

Key Takeaways

  • Learning Business acumen and sharpening decision making skills
  • Understanding impact of decisions on finances of a company
  • Breaking functional silos in organizations and getting a hands on experience of cross functional activities
  • Building a spirit of entrepreneurship, risk taking ability and realizing the value of team work

Who should attend

The program is ideally suited for leaders of tomorrow who are going to face strategic business dilemmas. It a must for senior and middle level managers and is meant as preparatory bootcamp to sharpen their decision making skills to equip them suitably for future challenges.

Unique methodology

The 2-day workshop recreates real life corporate experience by making participants in-charge of businesses that compete in a simulated environment. Participants learn to interpret financial statements and market research reports in order to take decisions for their company. Impact of their decisions is immediately available in the form of company performance. Detailed analysis is provided after each round of decision making to prepare the participants better for the subsequent rounds.




"The simulation was an eye-opener for us, it helped us make informed decisions while knowing the rationale, in a stimulating and engaging format."

Senior Manager, Reliance Industries


"It was great program . Made me feel like CEO of a company running my own business and taking strategic decisions. It has given good insight of all the aspects of the business."

Mr. Asif Ali,Zonal Manager,India Mart


"It was very close to our industry and the dynamics of it. Helped us to weigh the pros and cons of decisions and to look at the bigger picture."

Mr. Pankaj Chauhan,Head, Sales - Gujarat Essar


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