Marketing Strategy in today’s world is synonymous with business strategy but marketing has habitually avoided performance measurement, pleading difficulties with quantification of activities and their outcomes. As a result, in many companies marketing has become marginalized to straightforward marketing communications, whereas, it should hold a pivotal role in the identification of customer needs, specifications of the value sought and demand generation interpreted in its widest sense.

The workshop shows how marketing and rest of the organization should relate to each other in the process of customer and value development and delivery, on which business excellence depends. It discusses the importance of marketing in four constituents of business excellence: resources, processes, products, and financial performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Sensitize the participants about competitive and marketing strategy concept and practices
  • Help the company professionals to understand the importance of customer value and behaviour
  • Prepare and give participants a hands-on experience of real time senior management and leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Build a spirit of entrepreneurship, risk taking ability and realize the value of team work

Who should attend

This program is meant for all senior and mid level managers who are willing to take leadership roles in the organization and who often face strategic business dilemmas.

Unique methodology

The 2-day workshop recreates real life corporate experience by making participants in-charge of businesses that compete in a simulated environment. Participants learn to interpret financial statements and market research reports in order to take decisions for their company. Impact of their decisions is immediately available in the form of company performance. Detailed analysis is provided after each round of decision making to prepare the participants better for the subsequent rounds.




"All sessions were great. Absolutely wonderful and practical experience."

Anil Vernekar, Project Manager, RIL



"This program helped is in taking real time decisions and thereby enhanced our conceptual understanding."

Sanjay Gaud, Manager - Marketing, Unitop Chemicals



"The training program was very impressive. It put me to the perspective that how CEO level decisions are taken. I highly recommend this program for others."

Anil M. Patil, AGM – QA, Uttam Galva Steels


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