This simulation teaches the Art of Marketing by replicating real life scenario in a virtual environment. It also emphasizes on the role of marketing as a division amidst other functional areas of a company. Users are made Marketing heads of respective companies in a dynamic and competitive setting. Their decisions not only affect their own company's performance but also have impact on the overall market dynamics and therefore on the results of other companies. This is to prepare the players for cut throat competition of the real world in a relatively safer environment.


  • Target selected segments and position their products in a highly competitive market;
  • Interface with the R&D department to design and develop new products;
  • Prepare the launch of new products, improve, maintain or withdraw existing ones;
  • Interface with the Production department to specify production planning;
  • Make marketing mix decisions, such as pricing, advertising budget, media planning, promotions, competitive positioning etc. for each brand in their portfolio;
  • Decide on the size and priorities of their sales force;
  • Decide on margins and product allocation to distribution channel partners

Simulation Run Time

The simulation runs for 6-8 periods (years). As the periods progress, additional decisions get unlocked and the scenario becomes more complex.

Topics Covered- Marklabs

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Management
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Mix
  • Pricing       
  • Sales & Distribution
  • R&D      
  • Market Research
  • Product Portfolio
  • Competitive Advantages


tesimonials "This workshop was conducted at SOIL campus. Feedback from the participants was highly encouraging."

Dr. Anil Sachdeva,Founder & CEO,School Of Inspired Learning

tesimonials "An excellent learning experience. This program is a must for everyone right from senior leadership to entry level management roles."

Mr. Vinayak Patankar,Vice President,Borosil Glassworks


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