Talent Assessment as a concept has been present since ages. However, the process has remained largely the same. Most companies use the standard aptitude and personality tests to evaluate a potential hire. While widely used, the approach suffers from two big flaws:

  • 1. Different roles require different skills. An aptitude test is uni-dimensional and therefore not always a good predictor for performance.
  • 2. One assumption in this process is that knowledge translates into performance. However, from experience we all know that it not just a person’s knowledge that determines how he performs but other factors like team dynamics, cultural fit etc. are equally important. Recruiting is not a one-way street. While the company is evaluating the candidate, he/she is also evaluating the company.

Our approach

Our approach to assessment is therefore different. We create custom scenario based tests/simulations that reflect the challenges faced in the role being offered. This provides a more in-context assessment of the candidate and also gives him/her an opportunity to understand what is expected of him in the company.

Talent Such assessment tools can be used for both pre-employment testing as well as for in-company assessment for promotion.


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