The delegates participate in 6-8 rounds of simulation, each representing a half-yearly financial period.

These rounds are designed to test, stress and pit them against each other where there can be only 1 winner – the store that delivers the best cusomter expereince, profit and store management in a competitive environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategy – What should my store deliver? For whom ?                          
  • Location – Where should we be located ?                                                  
  • Pricing – How do we get the pricing right ?                      
  • Promotions – How do we take our value offer to market ?
  • Market – How to we respond to unanticipated market changes?
  • Inventory – How much inventory should we carry ?                                               
  • Review – What can be improved upon ?

Who should attend

This program is meant for all senior and mid level managers who are willing to take leadership roles in the organization and who often face strategic business dilemmas.

Unique methodology

The program is conducted as a 1 day training program. Participants have to set up a store in a Tier 1 city for a virtual company named ShopCentral, one of the top retailers in the apparel category.

They need to choose a location, setup a store and manage store operations. It involves taking decisions pertaining to merchandising, assortment planning, pricing, promotions, inventory, HR, technology implementations etc.

They also need to keep a check on financial parameters for their store and maximize wealth for the shareholders of ShopCentral.




"Results and comparison was most useful as that give real picture and analysis of the competitive market scenario. I found the workshop to be very informative."

Arun Khedwal, Manager – Materials Planning, Fermenta Biotech



"The simulation helped me visualize all aspects of business. it was informative and helped me look at the business at a higher level"

Ashok Hegde, Sr. Project Lead, V2Solutions



"The Workshop was highly informative and valuable. It helped me to apply and understand concepts better."

Prashant Panhale, Head - IT, DP port


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